Remove Zepto Ransomware Unlock PC

Zepto is produced as ransomware. It has cheated many PC users all over the world. As usual, inexperienced users will easily get cheated by it because this virus is quite good at pretending. Commonly, it often loads onto a targeted computer via loopholes. Therefore, to prevent this virus, don’t forget to get your computer well-protected.

As long as Zepto sneaks onto your computer, it usually modifies the computer start-up settings so as to run together with the computer. It also tries its best to encrypt all of your files and display a fake message to you. This message will inform you that your files such as Excel, Word documents, videos, and other personal files are encrypted because of your illegal behaviors online. To get the files unlocked, you must have to pay some money to the given email or address so that you can get a special decrypted key. Zepto may also scare you that if you don’t pay the money in 72 hours, you will get arrested by a cop later. Don’t be misled by this message. All it wants is to deceive you of money. What you should do is to read the following guides and get rid of the Zepto virus and its components thoroughly from the PC.

How to remove Zepto Ransomware and decrypt the encrypted files

1. Restore your computer to previous state

Step 1: Boot your PC into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Different Operating Systems have different ways to bring up the Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

On XP, Vista and Windows 7

1. To enter Safe Mode with Command Prompt, you should press F8 on your keyboard continually while you are starting your system.

2. When the Windows Advanced Options menu shows up, select Safe Mode with Command Prompt by using the arrow keys and hit Enter.

On Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

1. When you are at login screen, click the Power button.

2. Hit Shift and hold it and click Restart button at the same time.

3. Select Troubleshoot.

4. Then choose Advanced options.

5. Click Startup Settings.

6. Click Restart.

7. When the system is rebooting, choose Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt by pressing F6.

Step 2: After entering Safe Mode with Command Prompt, you can restore the system now.

1. Type cd restore and hit Enter.

2. Then, type rstrui.exe, and also hit Enter.

3. Click on Next when you see the window appears.

4. Choose the Restore Point which was infected with Zepto Ransomware and click on Next to begin restoring the system.

5. Click on Finish to continue.

6. When you click on Finish button, you will be asked to confirm again. Click Yes if you want to do it.

2. Remove Zepto Ransomware from the PC thoroughly

When the restore system is done, you are being advised to do a system scan with this malware detection tool to make sure the ransomware virus is removed completely. Download Automatic Virus Removal Tool

3. Decrypt files encrypted by Zepto ransomware via Shadow Volume Copies

If you use Windows XP service Pack 2, Vista, 7 & 8, you can use the following ways: Shadow Explorer or native Windows Previous Versions to restore the files through Shadow Volume Copies

Shadow Explorer

1. Run Shadow Explorer.
2. Select the drive and folder which you want to restore from the left top corner.
3. Right click the folder as you want to restore and choose Export.

4. Then select the export files location to store them.

Native Windows Previous Versions

Please right-click one of the files which has been encrypted and chooses Properties, and then navigate to Previous Versions tab. After that, all copies of this selected file and when it was saved in a Shadow Volume Copy will be displayed for you. Select the retrieved file which you want and click Copy, or click Restore. To read more content of this file, you can click on Open.

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